Making Construction Law Easier For You

Construction law in Florida is immensely complicated, filled with laws and regulations that can delay a project and drain its resources quickly. Every individual, company, contractor, developer or other party getting into a construction project should rely on the counsel of an attorney like me. At Andrew Epstein Law, I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in complex cases across the spectrum of construction law since 1992.

From my location in Fort Myers, I serve clients throughout Cape Coral, Naples and elsewhere in Southwest Florida. My high-caliber legal counsel has won awards from national organizations, but what truly matters to me is assisting you through a challenging construction project so you can emerge successfully.

The Litigation Skill To Protect You In Court

Dispute resolution is one of my strong suits. Clients rely on me to find cost-efficient solutions to conflicts such as:

  • Construction defects
  • Contractor and sub-contractor disputes
  • Liens
  • Breach of contract
  • Land use and zoning disputes

Though I excel in alternative dispute resolution, my skill as a litigator is renowned throughout the state. If private negotiations, mediation or arbitration do not help you arrive at a satisfactory outcome, I am prepared to fight for it in the state or federal court.

Advocating For Contractors In Contract Negotiations

I often work with licensed contractors and sub-contractors to assist with new contracts. In more than 30 years practicing, I have represented contractors working on a variety of residential and commercial projects. I understand what to look for in contracts that could put you at a disadvantage. Your best interests are my priority, and I do everything I can as a knowledgeable contract law attorney to advocate for you.

Unlicensed contracting is a criminal offense in Florida that can put a permanent end to your career. Are you facing penalties for alleged unlicensed contracting or having difficulties with your license? Get legal help immediately.

Have You Been Asked To Sign An AOB?

Stop! Assignment of benefits contracts can sound appealing, as they allow a third party to step in for a policyholder and receive payment from an insurance provider directly. Unfortunately, many signatories do not realize the hidden troubles that AOBs can cause, such as drawing you into a lawsuit that does not involve you. Do not sign an assignment of benefits contract until you speak with me.

Reliable Counsel For Your Construction Needs Is Within Reach

For reliable and knowledgeable counsel in all aspects of construction law, trust Andrew Epstein Law. You can schedule an initial consultation with me by calling 239-675-3262 or by using my online contact form. I answer all phone calls and other communications personally, so you will always speak directly to me.