Crucial Counsel For The Drafting And Review Of Contracts

Contracts are the glue that hold an agreement together. However, they are immensely complex legal documents that require the eye of an attorney to ensure they are fair to you.

When it comes to important concerns regarding contracts, you can turn to me at Andrew Epstein Law. Since 1992, I have served individuals and business entities in the Fort Myers region with contracts involving:

  1. Real estate: Purchase and sale agreements, leases, easements, deeds, powers of attorney and more.
  2. Business: Transaction agreements, employment contracts, noncompete agreements, nondisclosure agreements and more.
  3. Construction: Lump sum contracts, design and build contracts, time and materials contracts and more.

If the need for litigating a dispute arises, I am a proven and reputable trial attorney who has won verdicts in courts throughout the state.

How Can I Assist You?

Some of my services include:

  1. Drafting thorough and detailed contracts to minimize your exposure and prevent future disputes.
  2. Reviewing contracts before you sign to ensure they do not violate your rights or put you at a disadvantage.
  3. Negotiating contractual terms that uphold your best interests.
  4. Representing you if a signatory fails to uphold their contractual duties or alleges breach of contract.

You can count on receiving personal attention from me as your attorney. I sit down with you or speak with you via the phone or video conference to give you the individualized service that you deserve.

Should I Sign An Assignment Of Benefits?

Assignment of benefits contracts, or AOBs, play a significant role in Florida’s insurance market. An AOB is a contract that allows a third party to stand in for the insured to receive payment directly from a policyholder’s insurance provider. There are risks that come with an AOB that many signatories do not realize. You might find yourself drawn into a dispute involving the third party and the insurance company. Before you sign an assignment of benefits, consult me first so I can inform you of your rights and responsibilities.

Consult A Lawyer About Contractual Law

It is always wise to have an attorney discuss contracts with you, even if you and the other parties are seemingly in agreement. Call me at 239-675-3262 or send me an email to set up your initial consultation about contract law. I answer your phone calls and emails personally.