Legal Advice For Succeeding In Florida’s Real Estate Market

When a dispute arises relating to real estate, you stand to lose a great deal of time and money in your efforts to resolve it. You can go a long way toward preserving your resources and achieving a favorable outcome by hiring legal counsel proactively.

At Andrew Epstein Law, I draw from more than 30 years of experience as a real estate attorney to assist in preventing, minimizing and resolving complex conflicts. Through my persistent hard work and commitment to excellence, I have earned a positive reputation in Florida and nationwide.

Protecting The Rights Of Investors And Landlords

Florida is a perennial favorite for potential real estate investors. Whether you are interested in developing a commercial plot, purchasing a second home or investing in the short-term rental market, you will need a lawyer to advise you of your options and uphold your best interests.

If you are a current landlord, you can come to me to write your leases and review existing contracts to ensure they protect your rights and comply with the law. If you need to evict a tenant, I make sure you follow every step required by Florida for an unlawful detainer action. If litigation does arise, you have me on your side to represent you tenaciously.

Efficient Resolutions To Construction Disputes

The construction side of real estate is fraught with challenges for both the property owner and the construction team. Disputes are all too common, especially when it comes to high-value properties. I frequently work with clients to resolve challenges involving:

When approaching dispute resolution, I understand the need for fast and effective strategies. My priority is always to protect your bottom line in the short- and long-term so you have a lucrative future. To that end, I explore all methods of alternative dispute resolution as well as litigation if needed.

Navigating The Swamp Of Regulations For You

Florida is unique for the many regulations protecting the rights of homestead property owners. As a popular destination for tourism, vacation properties and short-term rentals, the state and federal government also have countless laws regarding real estate investment and development. With me to advise you, you can rest assured that you act in compliance with the law and do not have to worry about inadvertently invoking a civil or criminal penalty.

As A Trial-Tested Litigator, I Have Your Back

The strategic use of litigation is sometimes the best or only way to resolve a real estate conflict. I regularly litigate complex cases in Florida’s state and federal courts. My high level of skill in civil trials has drawn many accolades and awards. Some of these include the Lawyer of Distinction 2022 in Civil Litigation and being peer-review rated as one of the Martindale-Hubbell Top Rated Lawyers in Litigation. It is a testament to the record I have of achieving positive verdicts and awards for my clients, even in the most complex of disputes.

Seek Solutions To Your Real Estate Concerns Today

A proactive approach is nearly always better than a reactive one. The sooner you consult Andrew Epstein Law, the sooner you and I can address your dispute and how to resolve it. Call my Fort Myers office at 239-675-3262 or send me an email to set up an initial consultation. I answer phone calls and emails personally.